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Officially Inducted into the “National Wall of Role Models” on June 7, 2014 ( See full list )

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Tell us a little bit about yourself?
Tolu Olumide also known as Tolumide graduated from York University. A Nigerian Canadian Artist Singer Songwriter, Music Lover, Graphic Designer and Creative Director -, Fashionista (Contempo African), Entertainment Director for FestAfrica, Traveler, Sucker for Good Food, Cooking & Eating out. Widescreen classics must include Comedy, Love, Drama , Africa via Nollywood, African-American, Hollywood Foreign Independent Film/TV, Dancing is my work out. Family & Friendship - I cherish!

What's your inspiration or how do you get motivated?
I'm inspired by Life, Experience, Relationships and Love. After losing my mother to cancer, I gathered up strength to complete my education with Honors Bachelor degree in Fine Arts. Moving to Baltimore - USA shortly after to be closer to my dad, younger siblings and work as a Graphic Artist for the city’s FOX - CW affiliate Television Station, did not deter me from singing but fueled my passion to simultaneously pursue music as a second career and make good use of the talent. The end product – 'My Love' ( ), is an Urban Soul Afro-pop Inspirational project with a title track and video showcasing a sincere expressive description of my Love, which ultimately inspires the listener to appreciate and preserve the blessing of life and living.

How did you get to where you are now and what more should we expect?
Determination to be happy and be fruitful with the talent(s) I've been blessed to receive from God. Expect more Art, Music, Creativity and Inspiration.

What would you like to be remembered for?
My name - TolumiDE, My debut album 'My Love', My Art Murals at York University Student Center and everything I will do for the rest of my life to contribute to my African heritage and the Arts & Entertainment industry.

How do you balance work, family, friends and leisure?

Prayers, Plan ahead as much as possible, Seek help when needed and Maintain good relationships.

What's your favorite food, book, music and movie?

Food: Rice, Spicy Stew with Goat Meat and Fried plantain with a side of African Salad and Ginger Beer. Book: Bible. Music: Too many to pick one... a few to name Sade, Sting, Lira, Anita Baker, Celine Dion, Stevie Wonder. Movie: The Best Man.

What's your experience as a Black person in Canada?

I attended Harbord Collegiate for Grade 13, studied Visual Arts/ Design at York University and was part of an All-Female Reggae band - Women Ah Run Tings. I interacted with a diverse range of people of African descent most especially Caribbean at school, work and in the entertainment industry.

What is the Black community doing right or wrong in Canada?

In Toronto we have events like Caribana and Afro-fest that showcase our culture. Also the establishment of the radio station G98.7 fm radio is a great representation of Toronto’s multi-cultural Urban Blend. I would love to see more avenues and events that highlight and celebrate our culture and heritage and more platforms that involve sharing and educating each other of our diverse ethnicities.

Are there as many opportunities for Blacks in Canada that can produce role models and institutions like Beyonce, Tyler Perry, Obama, BET, etc.

There are not as many but there can be such opportunities in Canada. We'll have to establish strong platforms that highlight, recognize and support our achievements in Canada and Internationally. I believe The Black Canadian Awards is a step ahead in that direction and I’m grateful to be recognized as a nominee within the 2014 African Style Act category.

What’s your understanding of Black History in Canada?

Black History in Canada should be a time to reflect on history, review the present and dialogue about expectations for the future. It is time to share, listen and understand the experiences of generations of Blacks in Canada that came through various channels which include slavery, escape from slavery and migration from African/Caribbean and other regions worldwide. Culture and Heritage is celebrated and everyone unites to showcase diversity and great achievements.

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