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Molly Killingbeck ChPC - ROLE MODEL & AMBASSADOR  
Olympian and Chartered Professional Coach
Officially Inducted into the “National Wall of Role Models” on June 7, 2014 ( See full list )

Molly Killingbeck role model black canada professionals awards 4 

Tell us a little bit about yourself?
I have been involved in amateur sport (track and field – athletics) for the past three decades as a high performance athlete, coach and administrator.  As an athlete, I was member of the Canadian national track and field team. I represented Canada major international competition (1980 - 1989).  I competed in two consecutive Summer Olympic Games, World Championships, Pan Am Games, World University Games and the Commonwealth Games.  Please see biography.

Tell us what many people may not know about you?
I enjoy doing things that make a difference in the community where I live work or play.  One of my goals is to create a network with friends – get together regularly to share best practices, ideas, good food and use the opportunity to recycle – thoughts, brilliance, and gentle used items to a woman’s shelter.  I have been fortunate and had a lot of people gave - time, shared skills etc that has allowed me to have some amazing wonderful experiences.
Most people do not know that I was extremely shy little girl. Sport provided me the opportunity to grow, excel, fail and succeed; found my sweet spot and overcame my shyness.

What's your inspiration and how do you get motivated?
My inspiration is always to be the best Molly that includes being a great mom and spouse!  I am motivated by family, friends, and colleagues.  My role model is my Aunt Madge – she values family education.  She is the glue that keeps family together and I get most of my inspiration from being able to give back and having a very supportive network with a variety role models.

How did you get to where you are now and what more should we expect?
Taking advantage of opportunities and learning, growing from each opportunity – believe that dreams have no expiration dates. Expect Molly to continue to grow and look for opportunities to learn and nurture others along the way.  Strive for excellence, promote healthy active living and keep it real.

What would you like to be remembered for?
Making a difference, I have been very fortunate to have had so many opportunities by so many volunteers who gave their time to allow me to believe, dream ....
Molly Killingbeck role model black canada professionals awards
How do you balance work, family, friends and leisure?
I value family, work, friends and leisure and make time in schedule to fit all in.

What's your favorite food, book, music and movie?

Favourite ice cream: Baskin Robbins – German chocolate cake, like a variety of music, enjoy listening to jazz.  Book - Dr Seuss Oh, The place you’ll go! Movies: Life is Beautiful, Pretty Woman.  Food: Seafood, some pasta dishes variety of salads.

What's your experience as a Black person in Canada?
I have learned that I always have the opportunity to choose.  Great to have the power to choose and I try to encourage others to cherish the power of choice.  I also recognize that decisions follow us..... be prepared to deal with consequences good, bad and the ugly.

Are there as many opportunities for Blacks in Canada that can produce role models and institutions like TD Jakes, Beyonce, Tyler Perry, Obama, BET, etc.:
Perhaps there are not as many opportunities as the ones you’ve mentioned above, however, I believe there are many opportunities or Black Canadians to produce top role models in all walks of life. Social Media helps to promote and connect fellow black Canadians

Mention a few of your favorite Black Canadian Leaders, Artists and Role Models?
Too many to mention – a few that comes to mind are Michaelle Jean, Jean Augustine, Hamlin Grange, Louis Armstrong, Lincoln Alexander, Lawrence Hill, Austin Clarke, K’os (sic) Stanley Grizzle, so many professional sport athletes such Pinball Clemons, Donovan Bailey, Charmaine Crooks, Jerome Iginla, Meesha Brueggergosman.

Should & do Blacks support / patronize black music, events and businesses?
I do believe that Blacks support and patronize black music, events and businesses.  We are very fortunate to live diverse society/community with the opportunity to support fellow blacks in an array of businesses

What’s your understanding of Black History in Canada?
Blacks similar to other minority groups have had their struggles in Canada.  There are many outstanding Black Canadians who have made significant contributions to Canada, many trailblazers in all sectors who serve as excellent role models.  Black Canadians are often lumped together – we are all from different backgrounds and sometimes different cultures ( can elaborate if required)

Give us a few words from you to an uninspired person?
My motto:
Find a way.... to be the best that you can be always. Surround yourself with excellence and you can achieve what often seems to be the attainable......