July 4th 2020

The Int’l black excellence celebrations is all about developing the right vibes for People of African descents in diaspora, Africa and worldwide. Also a time to highlight role models and mentor others while promoting our culture.

TBA - 2020

The Africa-Canada CEO Forum is an international gathering of influencers and economic stakeholders with the sole objective of promoting literacy, inclusion and economic empowerment for all Africans worldwide.

AUG 23rd 2020

The Caribbean Women Awards is a prestigious gathering of exceptional women and girls, a rare moment to celebrate professional and business excellence. This was mainly inspired by the work done by our various chapters in the region.

NOV 2020

The Black CEO Forum is a unique gathering of executives, founders, and stakeholders from highly successful businesses from all around the world. An effective forum to network, and learn from industry veterans.

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July 4th 2020

The Black Canadian Awards is a platform for the recognition of trendsetters in arts, culture and entertainment industry. Celebrating history, present and future.

TBA - 2020

The African Women CEO Forum is an annual conference to engage female executives, and entrepreneurs to create more opportunities for women and girls.

Aug 23rd 2020

The Caribbean-Canada CEO Forum is a strategic gathering of CEOs, diplomats, and other stakeholders to promote policies that encourage economic development.

Nov 2020

Through the Black Women Awards, we continue to highlight success stories and achievements of women of color in Canada, US, Europe,  Africa and worldwide. 




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