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As a tribute to black women that embraces all forms of talent and beauty, this ambassador program is a unique opportunity to showcase future women leaders while making an impact in the community. This initiative is designed to build confidence, ambition and poise in our young women. This initiative is task-oriented to showcase black women from a position of power, integrity, and honor. This is not a pageant show but instead, we focus more on the skills, strengths, and abilities of young women. The final chosen ambassadors will at the Black Women Honors & Empowerment. These exceptional women will also be celebrated at the Black Women Awards, and related activities. Each year, a few women ambassadors are chosen to represent specific cities and regions. This ambassadorial queens program is a scholarship, career and talent advancement initiative.



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Application Dates and Timelines?

Application accepted all year but sometimes restricted to August 1st till March 31st


Eligible Countries and Cities?

Black Women Queen accepts applications from the following: Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa, Montreal, Hamilton, Brampton, Mississauga, Barrie, Ajax, Pickering, London, Markham, and other countries in Africa, the Caribbean, the US and much more.


Can applicants be married?

It’s opened to everyone and inclusive of single or married women who may have children. Also, our applicants do not have to remain single throughout the duration of the program. Full disclosure will be requested in the application.

Do we accept students and young professionals?

Our primary objective is to identify exceptional talents amongst young women and girls. In some cities, the queen may be a student, while elsewhere its a young professional or an outstanding entrepreneur. This is a task-oriented talent initiative with the primary goal of showcasing and celebrating those that have taken out time to be the best at what they do. They are role models to their peers and the younger generation.
We believe all women are beautiful and would base more judgment on candidates academic excellence, professional acumen and entrepreneurial drive.


What if I do not live in Canada or the US?

Where you live is most likely the region you will represent. Your citizenship is not as important but disclosure required to get approved. However we have mostly allowed only those based in Canada, but that may change soon.

Are there any compulsory financial obligations? 

A non-refundable $100 application is required after the first screening/interview. This may change for each year.


Any Prizes and Gift Items for Winners?

The most inspiring Queen will get $1000 plus other Prizes and maybe a Career or educational Scholarship. This may change for each year.



What is the age guideline for the Candidates?

Candidates must be at least 19 years old and not more than 32 years old. This may change for each year.



Do Candidates have to be Black, Tall or Skinny?

Candidates do not have to be black, tall or skinny. Everyone is welcome to participate as long as you are a woman.


Do Candidates Need a Coach?

Not really. There is no need for any candidate to have their own coach. This program has been designed to help all candidates to acquire the necessary skills. Our program packages contain all the personal and self-development coaching required. All applicants will be trained in public speaking, image & etiquette and be equipped with life building skills and advice (While we would provide some training from our HQ, additional benefits and mentorship are subject to available resources in your location, district or assigned chapter).


Why did the name change?

Our program was previously opened to only Canada. Now as a global brand we changed the name from Black Canadian Queen to Black Women Queen

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